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The Gold Coast

The beautiful coast line makes Lagos one of the most popular cities in Portugal!

Every beach has something different to discover... You must visit all of them!

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Have fun in Lagos

Once you are in Lagos, you have to do some activities.

Make your vacation a great experience!

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Where to eat ?

In Lagos you can find a lot of different types of restaurants.

You can get a real Portuguese experience, or try food all around the world with a special touch...

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Nightlife in Lagos

Lagos has one of the most popular nightlife in the Algarve!

You can party, meet new people, chillout, listen good music or... just have a drink...

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You want to order some food to take home ?

We have different type of restaurants with take-away options.

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Real Estates

Real Estates

Have you ever thought about buying a house in paradise?

We have a list of different places that may interest you!

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We have a new functionality in our website!

With one click you can add to your Google Maps application all places to visit, beaches, restaurants, etc... in Lagos.

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Oil and Gas in Algarve ?

Our government doesn't care about our opinion.

We believe, if thoses who visit our region, also express their opinion, maybe someone decides to stop this wrong step!

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