Here you can find answers to the questions that are most frequently asked by those who want to start working with us

Do I need to pay to advertise on the website?
Yes, all advertisers will have to pay a monetary fee in exchange for advertising on our platform. With the exception of any occasional promotion that may offer the advertisement.
Is the advertising fee paid only once?
The fee is annual, which means the advertiser will have to renew the payment every year for their advertisement. The year begins counting from the day the advertisement goes online for the first time on the platform.
Will all advertisers pay the same amount?
Yes, except for occasional promotions that may occur at a certain time and promote a different value than usual.
What is the reason for the advertisements to be paid?
The development and maintenance of this platform require a monetary investment, which will have to be financed by advertisements.
Will you print paper maps to hand out to tourists?
We plan to resume printing maps of the city of Lagos and distribute them to accommodations in the municipality of Lagos. However, printing is dependent on platform advertisements, as we need a minimum number of advertisements to ensure printing.
Will advertisers also be entitled to appear on the paper maps?
No. The paper map will be a simplified version without advertisers. It will only serve to direct tourists to the online platform where all advertisements will be. This change aims to reduce printing costs and eliminate printing delays associated with advertisers who were slow to provide information. We simplified the process.
I have multiple businesses, can I make just one advertisement for all of them?
No. Each company will have to have its own advertisement.
My company has multiple products, can I advertise them all?
Yes, we will associate your company with various categories to assist the user during the search on the platform.
My tourism activity can receive bookings through Fareharbor?
Yes, we are partners with Fareharbor. You just need to make your products available on the Fareharbor Marketplace so that we can establish the connection.
I work at a hotel reception, can I get your maps?
Yes, you need to fill out the pre-order form for maps. Once we have printed maps, we will schedule the delivery, respecting the order of registration.
I have a local accommodation, can I also get your maps?
Yes, the procedure is the same for any other type of accommodation. It will always be necessary to make a pre-order for maps indicating the expected number of check-ins. The goal is to optimize distribution to as many accommodations as possible.